Sep 16, 2011

The Story of a girl.

     This is the tale of a girl who almost got in big trouble.

     One day a girl was minding her own business while riding the bus home from school. As the bus traveled it passed by a bunch of movie production trucks and the girl decided to check out what was happening so she got off at the next station and doubled back to the excitement.

     As the girl walked, she saw some signs that said, "Blue Bloods" and she knew that there was a chance to see some celebrities. As she walked towards a large crowd of people she began to rumage through her purse looking for her phone to get some pictures. The girl was a little preoccupied looking thorugh her purse and did not notice anything happening until a large man with a deep voice stepped in front of her and told her to back up or security would be called. Astonished at this man's rudeness, she looked around confused. He explained that she was about to walk onto a live set and that two PA's had asked to stopped, which she clearly did not hear and thus ignored. Embarrassed and still confused, she stepped back and waited until the PA's said that we could all move from the area.

 While waiting in the area, the girl looked to towards the crowd that she first saw and began walking towards was a group of extras that were being filmed. At second glance the girl realized that had she successfully joined the crowd she would have stuck out because the episode has something to do with civil rights and Harlem and everyone in said crowd was of an ethnic background. That would have been exciting and embarrassing.

Thankfully, all embarrassing moments ended for the girl and she was able to successfully take some pictures of the actors filming an episode. She even saw Tom Selleck.  She was thankful for a large man who decided to not calls security because that would have been an entirely different ending to this tale.

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