Sep 14, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday


This week I am featuring the things I am looking forward to for Fall!

Boots - I need something that is cute, warm, and can handle some snow.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

How to wear a scarf! This is a must because it allows for versatility throughout the season and into Winter.

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

Trench Coat - Warm and perfect for rainy days or light snow days.

Source: via Minie on Pinterest

Coffee Mug - This is adorable, fun, and perfect for those mornings you wake up and can't get your brain to function right away. Just add milk until the color matches :)


  1. That coffee mug is amazing and I must have that trench coat! Just stopping by from The Vintage Apple.

  2. Can I have those boots please? They are adorable!

  3. love the scarf tutorial! think I may have to try some of those ties out :)

  4. I love that polka dot trench! But I love just about anything with polka dots!

  5. that mug is awesome! i totally want it in my hand...right now! :)

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  6. I love the charts with the different ways to tie a scarf!!

  7. There are so many fun ways to tie scarves. I've tried a bunch of these before. Great pins!