Sep 2, 2011

The Gator Nation is Everywhere!

I am swooning over the thought of college football starting on Saturday. As excited as I am, I also feel nostalgic.

For the past few years, I spent every Saturday watching my boys play. I proudly wore orange and blue in so many combinations I cannot even remember. I traveled to away games, I watched from the student section of the Swamp, and I tuned in from my TV when needed. I watched us win two National Championships, I watched us lose over a field goal, I yelled, I cheered, and I celebrated. Some of my greatest memories from college revolve around Gator Football.

I will miss the laughing, the cheering, and the fight song. I will miss the occasional tailgate, the free parking lot, and the halftime show. I will miss spending countless hours with friends, the singing of "We are the boys" at the end of the third quarter, and I will miss the sea of orange and blue in the stadium. I will miss my friends trying to sneak a few more friends into our section, I will miss Mr. Two bits, and I will miss the marching band. I will miss the feeling you get when the team rushes the field, I will miss stalking the players afterwards to get an autograph, and I will miss watching the games in the Swamp.

This year is so different. There won't be football parties to watch games at, there won't be Saturdays spent at the Swamp, and there won't be the Gator Chomp shared with 90,000 other fans. I feel very far away from the action, but I will be tuning in at 7 on Saturday to watch my boys, I will be in orange and blue and I will most likely get to do the Gator Chomp a few times :)

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  1. Made me tear up....I will be in orange and blue and cheering with you from here! Love- Mom