Mar 19, 2012

It's just another Manic Monday

Oh happened so fast. I would like you to slow down next week and take your time!

I hope you had a good weekend was one of rest, relaxation, and fun!

My St. Patricks day was actually very restful. I ended up taking a walk around town, witnessed way too many drunk people for two in the afternoon, caught about thirty minutes of the parade that runs down fifth avenue, and then went for a walk through Central Park before going home and making a giant pot of vegetable soup :) I didn't go out and drink green beer, but sometimes you just have to skip things and rest. (Side note: I miss corned beef... how many days until Good Friday?)

On Sunday, I cleaned my apartment which was much needed and then I got to spend the day hanging out with one of my besties and her mom. They flew in from Florida and will be in town all week. Unfortunately, I still have to work, but I got to spend some quality time sight seeing with them and showing them this city that I love! I am still amazed when someone walks through Times Square for the very first time, the look on their face is priceless! 

This lady is one of those friends that you know is around for the long haul! We met in college and have since become pretty spectacular friends and travel buddies! I am pretty sure that we will one day be 80 and still laughing at the corny inside jokes we have today :) I'm so glad she could make her second visit to the big apple and bring her mom who hasn't been here before! It seems like a fantastic way to spend the week, plus we get to hangout during the few hours I'm not working!

This upcoming week is leaning towards a big ball of awesome because I am going on a field trip with my kids, I get to hangout with my friend, the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games is on Thursday night and another set of friends is having a spectacular Mad Men season 5 premiere party on Sunday! I am kinda sorta in love with March, the weather is awesome and I am only 2.5 weeks away from my return to Florida!

Do you see that sun and temperatures in the 70's? This is crazy for March, but it's been nice leaving my jacket at home!
Here's to an even better week than last week!

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