Mar 15, 2012

It's OK Thursdays!


It's OK....

to be excited for the season premiere of Mad Men.

that I am so excited because my friends are hosting a party which means food, drinks, costumes, and of course, Mad Men!

that I am relieved that I made it through my first Winter in New York, but sad that it never really felt like Winter.

to be angry that the heat is coming back in full force and I'm soooo not ready for it!

to not respond to some emails or text messages.

that I need a mental break and tonight, the couch and TV are calling my name :)

that I haven't worn anything but jeans to work this week...I can't be bothered to put on dress clothes anymore.

to learn new things about the Civil War everyday that I teach it to my students.

to be ridiculously excited about going home to Florida in April, but also worried about saving up enough money to actually be able to go out with friends and do what I want.

to not have St. Patricks Day plans yet...I will..I think.

that I purposely walked down a road I didn't need to because there was a film crew and I had hopes to catch a glimpse of someone famous. I didn't.

to be happy it's Thursday, thrilled tomorrow is Friday, and already doubting Monday.

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