Mar 14, 2012

Top O' the Morning to ya! I'm a few days early, but I thought that this weeks pins should be dedicated to one of my favorite holidays: St. Patrick's Day! There is something about the color green and the idea of randomly pinching people that make me smile :)

This year I unfortunately won't be having any corned beef and cabbage because I'm in the middle of my 40 day no meat challenge, but I will look at pretty pictures like this:

In place of meat, this Saturday I plan to celebrate with green drinks like this:


Source: via Colleen on Pinterest

For food, I might try:
 A rainbow breakfast

A little Shamrock pizza for lunch

I think I'm going to skip dinner and move onto dessert....This cake would do just fine!

but these cupcakes would be a nice treat too!

It doesn't really matter how you plan to celebrate the day, just remember.....

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  1. Oh man, Bailey's and cupcakes? Yes, please!

    Happy St. Paddy's!