Mar 2, 2012

What I Did Today: Broadway Edition!

The other day I had a conversation with a friend about the inaccuracies people have about those of us who live in New York. For some reason, people who live elsewhere seem to think we have a giant celebrity filled party ever night. I wish. In fact, my life here is rather similar to my life in Florida except some of my friends have more glamorous jobs and there are occasional adventures of exciting celebrity filled activities. People also assume that we eat at five star  restaurants, hail cabs like it's nobody's business, and spend evening after evening taking in Broadway. Again, I wish. In truth, most New Yorkers, eat at average restaurants and use Broadway as a way to celebrate special occasions.

Since I am not most new Yorkers, my friend and I decided that this very random Thursday in March would make a great excuse to try to see a Broadway show. We decided to go and see Once the Musical which is based on the film Once (if you haven't see the movie, I recommend it!). This show was off-broadway for awhile and on this past Tuesday it opened on Broadway!

Since, like most New Yorkers, we both pay ridiculous rent payments and it is the first of the month, we did not buy full price tickets. (Does anyone do that anymore?) We decided to try our hand at the lottery, which happens everyday 2 hours before the show. You walk up to the ticket window, they take your name and the number of seats you want, and they drop your lovely little slip into a giant box with all the other people lovely little slips. At 6:00, they drew 10 names and as luck would have it, both my friend and I were drawn! (We ended up putting her ticket back in because we only needed two seats and my name was picked first, congrats to that extra name that got pulled!)

After a quick dinner break, we came back to the theater and found our seats. One unique thing about this show is that they have a "jam session" for 30 minutes with the entire cast before curtain and it was really cool to see them playing and acting out of character.

Once the show started, the music was amazing and it did not disappoint! The set was simplistic and rustic and fit the musical perfectly. The cast was awesome, funny, charming, and artistic. I had a really great two hours and I would recommend the musical to anyone who is looking for a new show to see!

Plus I love the logo! The guitar, the lowercase letters, just simple.

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