Mar 4, 2012

Let's Recap :)

Thursday - Broadway. I already told you about it  so let's just continue on to more adventurous adventures.

Friday - I made it through my work day and then I had a pretty great night hanging out with friends. We went to one of my favorite places in the city, Barcade. You might recall I went there back in July for my birthday and I have been a few times since then because it is great. The atmosphere is always relaxed and the beer menu is constantly changing, not to mention that I am pretty much a Ms. Pac-Man champ and the games only cost 25 cents, so I played my heart out.

After Barcade, some of the group decided to travel to another bar and after a brief walk in the wrong direction we found our way to The Alligator Lounge. The name alone made me think back to Gainesville, but the best part of the bar is that with every beer you order you get a free pan pizza! EVERY SINGLE BEER. Say you order a Blue Moon, you get a free pizza. Then you order a Stella, another free pizza. Next you want a Purple Haze, drink it with your free pizza. Are you catching my drift? There is a lot of free pizza happening.

It was glorious. We ate free pizza while watching ridiculous people sing Karaoke. I'll call it successful. Then I took three trains and a taxi to get home because the L train wasn't running. I made it to bed by 4:30am.

Saturday- The weather was a little craptastic on Saturday and my day started way too early considering all the free pizza I ate the night before. Just kidding. I worked for a few hours then went on an extremely unnecessary trip to target where  bought things that I didn't need. (I'm looking at you nail polish and purple socks!)

Then I spent the rest of the day preparing for SNL! I'm not sure I mentioned this before, but when you win tickets through the show's lottery, you get tickets to the dress rehearsal and not the live show. They let the crazy kids who camp out for days into the live show. Everyone's first reaction to this little tibit of information is usually a sigh and a comment somewhere between the lines of "that blows" and "i guess that could still be good".  I didn't care if I was seeing the live show or not, I still got to the see the entire show -plus some - because the dress rehearsal is 2 hours long. The producers decide what skits to cut based on the reaction from the audience during the rehearsal.

Moving on... I met up with my friend Jenny and we thought that getting to 30 Rock early would guarantee us some decent seats, so we did just that.  At 4;45 we entered the lobby of the building and asked for the SNL line. The lady looked at me and said, "Do you have tickets for tonight?" I responded, "Yes" She followed up "What time do they say?" I answered, "6:45." She then said that the NBC pages would come downstairs around 6:15 to start setting up and that we should come back then. The look on her face was priceless because she thought we were CRAZY for showing up so early for a show we already had tickets to. Jenny and I decided to take some pictures and may or may not have indulged in some Magnolia Bakery. 

Eventually, we waited in line, got our tickets and got inside. The studio is incredibly small and watching the actors run from skit to skit and the crew break down sets and rebuild new sets in minutes was pretty incredible. Lindsay Lohan was not the best SNL host, but she wasn't the worst either. I appreciated her ability to crack jokes about herself the whole night. I was thrilled to see Jon Hamm! I loved the Real Housewives of Disney video and The Weekend update was great. Jack White is not my favorite, but he played well and during the dress rehearsal, his guitar stopped working and he got really pissed.

Unfortunately you were not allowed to take any pictures inside the studio, so I'm just going to have to let you imagine everything for yourself. 

Sunday - Today, I went and watched the movie A Separation. The movie won an Oscar last Sunday for best foreign film, and I really liked it. The culture in Iran is so different then the United States and it was interesting to see how men and women interact during certain political situations.

Then, I worked for a few hours and came home and finally had a few hours to clean and sort some laundry before this crazy week begins.

I hope you all had a few awesome things happen this weekend, because I feel lucky to have the weekend I did!

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  1. It makes me happy to read about all the stuff you take advantage of in NYC that I never have, even being a native.