Mar 12, 2012

My bad...

Hey there bloggy friends. I forgot temporarily that I have this here blog and thus I left almost 5 days between posts.

Don't you hate when that happens? Don't you hate it even more when the blogger returns and talks about all the super awesome stuff they did while they were away?

Like take a Caribbean cruise.

Yeah I didn't do that.

Perhaps, I ran a marathon.

Yeah, I didn't do that either.

Maybe I went skiing for the first time EVER!

Nope, wasn't me.

Perhaps I went to a fundraising gala and watched really really rich people throw money away.

That. was. totally. me! It was amazing to watch people throw down thousands of dollars for items and vacations and artwork. I'm not complaining because the money goes to a great cause (the school I work for! Score 1 for public education!), but I am pretty sure my jaw hit the floor when someone shelled out $1900 for their child to get one extra 45 minute gym period at school. I might have also cast dirty looks at the person who won The Book of Mormon tickets, because I really would have loved those!

 It was an incredible. I'm lucky to work at a school that has the capabilities to have such events and raise money for the students :)

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