Mar 8, 2012

It's OK Thursday!


It's OK...

to get excited about things that are happening this month. (I'm looking at you friends that are visiting and places I'm visiting!)

to drink Chamomile tea like an 80 year old woman.

that I am not going to bring a jacket with me today because it is going to be over 60 degrees. Winter, huh? I am still unsure of what that is.

that peanuts have become my number one source of protein, followed by eggs, then avocados. 

that I am over the moon that I finally have my doctor's appointment today to figure out what is plaguing my lungs.

to really really be in love with the 2-ingredient ice cream recipe! Simple, easy, and only two ingredients plus the flavor! I have made salted caramel and speculoos. So excited for the Summer when I can make some fresh strawberry or peach, or maybe both!

to kinda sorta be in love with speculoos. What else can I put it on/in?

to love that everyone seems excited about Spring, but also sad because it means we are closer to Summer.

to assume this Summer will be a scorcher! Maybe I'll get a tan. or not.

to be obsessed with grey nail polish.

to wish Glee was not on a 5 week hiatus...I need to know what happens with Quinn!

to sound like a teenage girl when I talk about Glee.

to realize that I turn 25 soonish. That feels old.

Happy Thursday!

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