Aug 30, 2011

August Bucklist - Check or Bust?

This is an update about the goals I wanted to accomplish throughout August. Look at this post to see why I chose each goal.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge - Check, but just barely! I did this today because I happened to have a switch in my plans and I was already out! I loved it because I got to see some awesome Manhattan skyline as well as get in some walking and beautiful weather :)

Old City Hall - Bust! I totally got on the train, rode it to the end, did not follow the directions to exit the train, continued on my journey camera in hand, and then we returned to the station heading uptown. No City Hall station. I was bummed. I am going to do some more research and then try it again.

Read 2 books - Check! I read One Day by David Nicholls. It was a touching love story that is being turned into a movie featuring Anne Hathaway. It follows the lives of two best friends and checks in on them on the same day each year.

I also read Pretty In Plaid by Jen Lancaster. This book made me laugh out loud, which is semi embarrassing on the bus, but it is great. Jen Lancaster has been one of my favorite authors for awhile and all of her books are memoirs that discuss different parts of her life. Her writing is snarky and makes me smile because she always says what you wish you could say.

I read 2 other book as well, but we shall save those for another day.

Eat from a food truck - Bust! I have passed tons of food trucks in the past month, but I was never ready to make a purchase. I was either on my way somewhere and didn't want to get food for fear of spilling it, or I didn't have cash on me, or I had just eaten. I have pretty much decided that next month, this is going to happen. I am going to pick a specific day and just go.

Visit Union Square -
Check! I visited on a Wednesday and it was gorgeous weather. The farmer's market was full of fresh fruit and veggies, plus tons of flowers and other natural products. I bought a few things and ended up making some delicious meals. I will be going back many times in the future :)

Guggenheim -
Bust! Unfortunately, this museum did not happen this month. It will happen however, I am very excited to check it out.

Highline - Check! This park is amazing! I wrote a whole post about my visit, check it out!

Staten Island Ferry - Check! I did this, it was awesome, I saw the Statue of Liberty, I blogged about it here.

4 Free Events - Semi Check!

I am lame and only made it to 2 free events. This item fell off my list and I forgot to schedule out some free things to do. I am going to get better at this next month!

The first event I went to was the GMA American Idol concert. I showed you some pictures and talked about the experience over here.

The second event was earlier this week. I went to an event in Bryant Park hosted by the New York Giants and The New York Jets. Each team had players and coaches signing autographs and taking pictures. I mainly only went to this because my Mom is the biggest Jets fan ever and really wanted some pictures :)

I think I did a decent job on my bucket list and I also moved into my apartment, worked a few tutoring jobs, and survived Hurricane Irene. All in all, a successful month.

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  1. (I posted a comment and it got erased, so if you get 2 similar ones then it's my bad).

    That's quite an ambitious list, so even meeting most of those goals is a job well done. It's great that you're seeing the sights! It makes me very curious about the great NYC lol.

    Also, I kind of want to read One Day. I don't make a habit of reading romance stories, but the concept is very interesting and it sounds like something I can relate to. I like bittersweet stuff that pulls at the heartstrings. I hear the movie falls short of expectations...but then again, don't they all?