Nov 4, 2011

Visit #1

So I have spent the night hiding the beer, throwing away all incriminating information, and making my apartment clean. Today is the day my Mom is coming to visit!

I am so excited to share this crazy awesome city with her. I am thrilled that she will finally get to see my apartment, meet my roommate, and get a feel of what I do on a daily basis. We are going to spend the weekend hanging out, laughing, and seeing a few sights.

The weather is set to be wonderful, probably a little cold for her, but we will handle it. We are going to cheer on the Gators and also watch LSU vs. Alabama on Saturday night. I still haven't figured out who I am rooting for, it's the best of two evils in my case, but the game should be fantastic.

Have a good weekend doing November like things.

(I really only straightened up the apartment, my Mom knows I drink beer, and she totally reads this blog so I can't really hide anything from her.)


  1. LOve whem my mom visits. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. I love you and had a GREAT time with you this weekend. I am so very proud to call you my daughter.