Aug 2, 2011

August Bucket List

It's August! I would like to think of it as the beginning of the end of Summer and I could not be more excited about that fact. Although I have managed to maintained my pasty white complexion all Summer I am so ready for boots and scarves! To help wind down the Summer, I have created a tiny list of things I want to accomplish during August!

See the old City Hall Subway Station - a subway station that has been shut down for 50 years, but you can see it if you stay on the 6 train past it's last station as it goes to turn around. The station is said to be beautiful and have ornate ceilings with chandeliers and glass.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge - A great source of exercise and fantastic views of the city!

Visit the Union Square Farmer's Market - Who doesn't love a market? I plan to purchase some fruits and veggies that are still in season :)

Guggenheim Museum - A must see museum and it has a great pay what you please rate on Saturday evenings.

Eat from a food truck - I have been dying to do this for the past month, but I think I am going to try it. People say the food is awesome and I am intrigued.

Visit the Highline - A park that hosts local art and has great places to sit and people watch with a beautiful scenic background.

Take the Staten Island ferry and get a decent view of Lady Liberty - 1. because it is free and 2. because Lady Liberty is a wonderful sight!

Go to 4 free events (about 1 per week) - concerts/comedy shows/ book signings - One of the things that really peaked my intrest about New York is the array of free events around the city. I have not been taking part in nearly enough of them and I am going to try harder to get myself out and about at least once a week.

Read 2 new books - I love reading and while I am not working I have plenty of time to catch up on my book list. Plus, the subway offers ideal conditions for reading.

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  1. You were so right about us having a lot in common, especially the things we both want to accomplish ... just in 2 different cities, ha. (oh and you're a gator, haha) I can't wait to continue reading your blog! Thanks for following mine as well! Keep in touch :)