Aug 10, 2011

What I Did Today - Sightseeing Edition!

Today was a really fun day! I took advantage of some of NYC's free sights and got 2 things knocked off my August Bucket List!

First, I took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. This ferry takes you from the South Street Seaport in Manhattan to Staten Island. The ride takes about 25 minutes each way and the best part is that it is absolutly FREE to everyone. Even better than the cost is the sight that you can see from the ferry!

Lower Manhattan!

The Statue of Liberty!

The NYPD racing a tugboat :)

Multiple Bridges on the way back from Staten Island.

After I got back to Manhattan, I headed to Union Square for the Farmer's Market! It was a fantastic market full of fresh food where I forgot to take pictures, but I managed to take a picture of the goodies I bought when I got home.

I purchased a homemade loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, fingerling potatoes, a bunch of rainbow carrots, an heirloom tomato, and 2 white peaches. I am looking forward to some roasted vegetables later tonight and some cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast tomorrow.

It was a very successful day of sightseeing and shopping in New York.


  1. Definitely looks like a wonderful day. Pure bliss!

  2. Fun! I grew up on Long Island, but I live down south now. I would love to visit the city again. I just went last year, but vacations never seem long enough.

  3. I love NY! I can't wait to visit again! Looks like you had a great day! :D