Aug 29, 2011

Manhattan: Post Irene

Now that I have had a day to recover from the storm that had Manhattan shut down, I can safety say that I think New York City overdid it.

The storm came and went and the majority of New York went unscathed. New Jersey got beat up and Staten Island is under water, but Manhattan didn't even lose power. The subways were restored quickly and today as I walked around the city I was so amazed at how it seemed as though nothing had occured. Tourists walked and pointed and posed for pictures, the subways ran on time, and the weather was amazing. You would never know that a brief 24 hours before, the city shut down completely. Broadway closed for the first time since 9/11, the entire Transit system shutdown at noon on Saturday, and residents stayed inside their homes if they weren't asked to evacuate.

I am glad that everyone is safe, but I fear that next time we have a serious storm New Yorkers won't take it serious because this storm already cried, "Wolf".

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