Aug 25, 2011

It's OK Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK to..

spend an hour painting your nails because you keep messing up

to miss having cable and a DVR box.

to stream the shows because you don't have cable.

love jello because it's jiggly

make plans with yourself to go and sight see and then decide to sleep in instead.

want to bake a cake, but don't because it's really not OK to eat an entire cake yourself.

download stupid games on your phone so you have something to do on the subway.

to eat meat and not feel guilty about it. Even if your roommate is a vegetarian.

to be excited about a friend coming to visit.

to vent about things with friends. In fact, I highly recommend it. Stress Reliever.


  1. i always mess up when i paint my nails!! Maybe we should just make weekly visits to the salon instead!! :) That would be nice!

  2. I always mess up my nails, I hate it. I sooo miss cable too, but I try and watch stuff online.