Aug 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was the first time I actually had multiple things scheduled to do since I moved and I was excited about it.


My day started extremely early on Friday (4AM) because I went to Central Park to see the American Idol top 11 perform live on Good Morning America. The weather was awesome, the music was cool, but there was A LOT of waiting time. Good Morning America started at 7AM, but they didn't talk about the concert until 8:30. We just stood there and waited. It was really cool to see how the concerts were actually filmed and I got to see all 11 finalists. Here are a few of my favorite pictures


Then I went to an interview for a job and then I decided to make my way to Target. I hadn't been to a department store since I moved and I was excited! Target did not disappoint. It amazes me how stores build themselves in NYC. Spaces are tiny and you cannot have the elaborate multi-block long stores they have in Florida. Instead, the stores build up. This target had three floors and awesome escalators that carried your cart up to the next floor for you. I was impressed. Then I went back home and started to pack everything up for my move.


A day of rest and sleeping and lounging around....NOT. Again I woke up early, tried to do some laundry, and made my way to Central Park to meet a family that I might babysit for. Central Park is not a great place to meet someone at because it is huge. We had set up a place to meet at 10:30, but when I go there, I couldn't find the family. I called them and they gave me directions and I walked. and I walked. and I walked some more. The directions they gave me were incorrect and I ended up walking 20 minutes in the wrong directions to find out that I was in the right place a the beginning. Frustrating!

Then I headed over to Prospect Park to meet up with some people. Again, I got lost. Prospect park is also huge and my phone was dying so I couldn't waste the battery figuring out where I was supposed to be, so I sta on a bench and ate my lunch, then I went home.

However, I did get to see Grand Army Plaza, which has been on my list of things to do.

Then I headed home where I continued to try to do laundry and finished my packing.


Perhaps the busiest day of the weekend. Moving Day! I woke up early to pouring rain, grabbed all of my last minute items, put Gracie in her carrier and then I started to carry my stuff downstairs. I was living on the fourth floor of the building, so it took a few trips to get everything downstairs. The car picked me up and we made the hour long trip to my new apartment. It rained the whole time. When I got to my new apartment, my roommate helped me carry up my stuff. I am now living on the fifth floor, no elevator. BEST. MOVING. DAY. EVER. Once I got settled, I counted and I walked up and down 48 flights of stairs with my suitcases. 48. That's a record for me. Although, I was tired my day wasn't over yet. I had a book club meeting scheduled and we went to see The Help and then we talked about the movie and the book. I LOVED this movie. I cried, I laughed, I cried some more. They stayed pretty true to the book, which was awesome. (Hollywood always changes something) I was super glad to have a peaceful night after a hectic weekend.

I think that catches me up to last night when I found a leak in the ceiling because it was still raining when I got home form the movie.

I am now going to have a lounge around Monday because I can.

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  1. They don't have Target in Hawaii, which really makes me sad, but they do have Walmart, and I hear they do the same thing with the escalators and carts. I'm really excited to see that. I'm glad you had a good weekend and congrats on the move! :)