Aug 8, 2011

Subway Stories

Dear Woman sleeping on the train,

I wanted to let you know that I don't appreciate you. It is not polite to take up more than 1 seat on a crowded train. It is also not ok to snore in public. I can understand that it is Monday morning and your weekend was probably totally crazy, but please find a new place to take a mid morning snooze. Those of us on the train do not want to hear the sound of your Ipod, and we would ask you to turn it down..except your sleeping. I'm not sure how you are sleeping because well your Ipod is blaring, there are a thousand and 1 people moving back and forth through the car, there are brights lights, and most importantly the alarms and announcements that start each time the train stops. You must be a deep sleeper.

I also wanted to let you know that sleeping on the train with your phone in your hand is not safe. You are asking for someone to "borrow" your phone. Same thing with your purse. I would be more careful when choosing where to lay my head down. Speaking of your head, it was leaning on the poles, which is gross. There are millions of people who touch those poles and you don't know what kind of crap is on their hands. Why would you put your face on that? I would highly recommend a bath in antibacterial soap.

Last but certainly not least, if you choose to fall asleep on the subway and then suddenly wake up in a coughing fit, don't get angry with the people around you. It was not our fault you missed your stop. We kindly let you know what stop was next. I think that maybe you should just return home and start your day over again. Or just go back to bed. Just please promise me you won't sleep on the subway again.

Your fellow subway rider


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  3. This is too funny! When I last visited NYC I saw people sleeping on the train and I couldn't believe how trusting they were. I can't fall asleep in an Oklahoma airport, I sure as heck can't fall asleep in a NYC train!

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  4. Bahaha, awesome story. P.S., cute background, matches mine! Lol :)