Aug 6, 2011

When life happens

I am slowly starting to make the move from the apartment I subletted (is that a word, what is the past tense of sublet) to the apartment I rented. The transition is going to be awesome yet there are some amenities that will be lacking at my new apartment..

1. Bedroom Furniture - Who needs it? I am going to be timewarping back to my girl scouts years via an air mattress. I'm roughing it, if you will. It isn't that big of an issue though because I don't have much with me yet. The majority of my possessions are still in Florida and will be making the move towards the end of the month.

2. Cable - My roommate and I have both decided that cable is a bill that we can wait on for the next few months. I cannot remember a time when my apartment has not had cable. Not that I have to watch TV each day, but I love to spend my lazy days catching up on the Law and Order marathon. I also have some shows that I do watch regularly. Who wants to feel me in on Pretty Little Liars and Grey's Anatomy?

3. AC - Ok. So this isn't really something I am giving up when I move, because I don't have it in the apartment now, but it still worries me. New York can be hot and I am an AC snob from Florida. I never understood what I had until it was gone.

4. Elevated trains- The subway is my primary mode of transportation around here and I have had the luxury of coming into Brooklyn each night on the M train, which is above ground. This means that I can text, check Facebook on my phone, figure out directions, etc. When I move, I will be on a way more convenient train line, but it is beneath ground which means that when I get lost, I have to leave the subway station and reemerge into the city before my phone will catch a signal to figure out that I was on the right train that just left and I will have to wait another 12 minutes for another train to get there. True story.

5. Space - The new apartment is much smaller, but I like it. My room is 8x10. That's incredibly tiny for me. We also have really strange kitchen cabinets. We haven't quite figured out what to do with them yet.

Although there are a few things I will miss about this sublet, I am excited about the new apartment. I am moving into Manhattan, I will live on a better train line, and will be much closer to many things.

Plus, I have a dish washer and a washer/dryer in my apartment. This means I might actually wash my clothes frequently instead of waiting until the very last day possible.

Plus Plus, I live on the fifth floor of a five story walk up. Five Story walk up. I won't need a gym membership because I have my very own stairmaster.

Plus Plus Plus, We have a fire escape, which we have to have legally, but it is still very exciting for me. I sometimes hope that someone will climb the fire escape and sing, pretty woman style.


  1. Congratulations on the move! If you can, grab a copy of the subway map. It sounds so lame, but I studied the map and kept a copy in my purse when I first moved to DC.

  2. Thanks! I have an app on my phone that is awesome, but I have to remember to set the directions before I get on the subway :)

  3. NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX!!!! It's only 8 bucks a month and you can stream Law & Order and Grey's Anatomy! As for Pretty Little Liars, you can stream that from the abcfamily website. I just started Grey's Anatomy, and unfortonately I'm hooked. How will I ever do my homework now? Anyway, Thanks for commenting on my blog! This is definitely something I can't wait to start reading. Good luck! :)