Aug 16, 2011

Subway Stories

Dear Trio on the Subway,

I truly appreciated your quick jaunt into the music industry today. You were by far the best group of ladies who may potentially have escaped from Bellevue that I have ever heard sing on the Subway. I also want to complement the woman in the middle with the pigtails placed on top of her head. How many years have you been wearing your hair that way? 50? I gave it up a few years back but you may have inspired me to try it out again. I also may have to try out the all black mesh ensemble worn by your friend on the right................ nevermind I reconsidered.

In addition to your wonderful lyrics, I wanted to praise you on your dance moves. I'm not sure that subway poles have been used in that fashion before. It was eye opening as you probably saw when those of us on the train with you could not look away even when we wanted to. I will thank you for at least waiting to start your concert until most of the train had cleared. I think that we would not have been able to handle your awesomeness with a train full of people. I can now cross off one more thing on my bucket list. Lastly, I know you were singing gospel music, but I'm not sure that your church would approve of the behavior. It was cray cray.

Your fellow subway rider

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