Aug 1, 2011

What I did today - Concert Edition!

On Friday I traveled to Willamsburg to see a FREE concert! They Might Be Giants, a totally awesome band that happens to have come from Brooklyn played with a few well known comedians that opened the show.

Let's first look at the ominous clouds lurking overhead...very dark and very real. It POURED 5 minutes after they opened the gates! I thought about leaving, but then realized that I could not get any wetter (no umbrella), so I stuck it out anyway. Good thing because the first comedian out was Jim Gaffigan. He was funny and completely rude about it being pouring and him being dry.

They Patton Oswalt came out and he was really funny too. I wish I could have taken more photos, but these were taken with stealth ninja moves between raindrops. We were then graced with Kristen Schall (it seriously poured during her skit and I didn't take any pics :( )who was amazingly hilarious and did a fabulous flash dance skit that resulted in her being drenched in a bucket of water. Ironic because the audience was also drenched.

After a brief hiatus, They Might Be Giants started their show and they did not disappoint. They played some great oldies and some brand new songs. They also brought out their sock puppets and sang a song or two via the big screen. It was a great show, despite the pouring rain, and I cannot wait for future Freebies :)

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