Aug 11, 2011

Let's talk trash

Seeing as how I was born a female, I have the ability to gossip like it's my 6th sense. I have in the past been know to trash talk people, but today I do not want to wildly complain about a person, I want to discuss trash. As in the stuff you throw away.

Growing up trash was thrown away inside the house, then taken outside to the trashcan and then moved to the street on trash days. (I didn't ever move it, but it was magically always at the street on trash days......thanks Mom.) Efficient, clean, and neighborhood friendly.

In New York, I am playing a whole new ball game. In my neighborhood, there is trash spewing out quicker then last Summer's oil spill. As you walk down the street, the trash is everywhere. Literally
Sometimes it is nicely tied up in a bag
Sometimes it is thrown down the subway stairs
Sometimes it looks like it was tossed out of a window

(You, trash leaving neighbor, do NOT <3 NYC)

Then, on occasion, you get the pile of trash that has accumulated all week silently waiting for trash day. This foul smelling, gag inducing pile is awful to walk by, which I have to each day on my way to the subway. On a good day the smell is terrible and it is only worsened by the heat in which you literally have to cover your nose and run. I am not sure which neighbors are responsible for this mess, but you can find anything ranging from everyday trash to furniture to baby strollers waiting on the side of the road.
(Both of these piles are blocks from my apartment...anyone up for trash diving...I know I saw a lamp!)

Needless to say, I saw my first mouse today. I am sure it has everything to do with the trash that covers most areas of NYC, but I was still shocked. The picture isn't great because these things move really quick and my phone was in my pocket, but I got an OK shot.

This would be inside the subway terminal, which hey, has trash littered all over. Imagine that.

New York is full of surprises and I plan to talk about them all.


  1. I dislike seeing trash on the streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. It bums me out when I witness someone throwing their fast food trash out of their window. What's wrong with waiting to throw it away when you get to your destination? People these days. Tsk tsk.

  2. It so terrible to see how disrespectful people are. My neighbor is extremely lazy and will put her trash out on her door step. Not just one bag, but several and then some bags with dirty diapers. It is absolutely disgusting to walk up the stairs when its 110 degrees outside.

  3. I think that was probably a rat, and not a mouse! Just sayin...

  4. It's pretty gross, but when you have that many people living in such close quarters I think it's also unavoidable. Unless you do the whole vigilante thing. Walk the streets with a cattle prod zapping litterbugs and then evading the some kind of ecologically-minded Batman. The Dark Green Knight.

    I lol'ed at "(You, trash leaving neighbor, do NOT <3 NYC)".


  5. My grandfather was a sanitation worker in the city when he was young. I have the highest respect for sanitation workers. People who leave trash out and litter are gross. :(

  6. yuck! It makes me so sad when our world is polluted.