Aug 23, 2011

What I did Today: Highline Edition

Today was a crazy day :) I went out and saw an awesome park in New York called The High Line.

The High Line was a freight rail line, in operation from 1934 to 1980. It carried meat to the meatpacking district, agricultural goods to the factories and warehouses of the industrial West Side, and mail to the Post Office.

From 1980 to 2009, the old rails of the freight train sat abandoned and began to rust.

Residents thought it unsightly, but two friends decided they could turn the rails into a park for New Yorkers and visitors to enjoy. and that is what they did. In June of 2009, the High Line opened and I got to see this super awesome park today. Here are some pictures:

You can still see the old rails :)

Such lush greens against the city's brick and cement.

I think those buildings seem familiar.

Completely random billboard for a moving storage company that made me laugh.

Flowers and fun seats!

While I was at the park, a little earthquake happened. I didn't know it. I knew my cellphone wasn't working, so I left The Highline and started to walk back into the city to try and get service when I came across these sights:

The buildings on 34th street were being evacuated. People were talking about the earthquake and trying to call loved ones, which is when I figured out what happened. I'm glad that people are safe and the damage was at a minimum.

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  1. I love that billboard! They make a bold political statement and risk losing customers, but a supporter of gay marriage that makes me want to use their company. Ya know, if I ever find myself in New York and in need of storage space or movers.