Apr 3, 2012

C is for carnivore

Today is day three and the letter is C! 


I am two days away from eating meat again. I am extremely proud that I will make it to 40 days being meat free and I am going to share with you what I have learned.

1. There is no substitute for beef products. Beef-less beef strips, soy crumbles, tofu. Nothing is even close to the texture of beef. I am so excited to make a meatloaf or turkey burger. 

2. When you crave beef, you may turn to sweets to cover those cravings. True story. Sad story. My story.

3. Finding alternatives to meat is fun. I fell in love with quinoa burgers, chick peas, and black beans.

4. Chicken and sausage substitutes are easier to come by. Trader Joes gets a big A+ for their variety of chicken and sausage substitutes.

5. Eating at some of your favorite restaurants is more difficult, but you get to try new things. Example: Vegetable Pho, Eggplant Curry, and Shake Shack's Mushroom burger.

6. I did not notice any significant changes to my well being or hair shininess, but it may happen for you.

7. I really truly love vegetables. In any form. In every dish. I think this just intensified the love for them.

8. Fruit is great, but vegetables are better.

9. Some people will question your motives, your sincerity, or your reasons for choosing to only be vegetarian for a short period of time. I honestly tried it because I wanted to know that I could do it. I learned that I can and I don't really care what people think. Those people can go eat a cow.

10. Lastly, I learned that meat does not make a meal. It can add to a meal, it can be the focus on occasion, but I think that I am going to continue to live half vegetarian, because I like it.


  1. I love that you picked the word Carnivore. lol.
    I am a true carnivore and not ashamed of it, but I really could use more veggies worked into my diet. I'm glad you tried it. Nothing wrong with trying new things.. like this challenge is for me! lol. Great job and good luck!

  2. Great word - I may have to choose Vegetarian for my V word! I agree, fake meat is gross! I do think Tofurkey sausages from Trader Joes are good though. Good for you for going 40 days without meat!

    I love your picture - I'm going to steal it to put on FB. Thanks!

  3. I forgot to mention - I LOVE your blog name!!

  4. You go! I could never be vegetarian because there are very few fruits and veggies that I like. I wasn't raised to be a picky eater, but it happened anyway. I applaud your determination. 40 days without meat? I'm pretty sure I'd be rolling on the floor and screaming obscenities by day 6. Kudos!