Apr 6, 2012

F is for Foreign travelers, Florida, and Fresh seafood.

Day 6 and it's Friday, Friday, Friday!


I know, I know. I am over emphasizing my vacation, but seriously this story is worth it. On Wednesday night, I made it to Newark airport and headed towards the dreaded security line. I am not an expert traveler, but security does not cause me to panic, forget how to function, or lose my cool.

I am the person who takes my belt off early on in the security line and puts it in my bag. I remove my sweater, I take off my jewelry, and I know where my laptop is. When it is finally my turn to grab a bin, I grab two. Put all of my stuff in one, and my laptop in the other.

It's not a really glamorous situation, but the security line procedures haven't changed much in the last 10 years.

Apparently, these foreign travelers in front of me had not traveled within the United States...EVER. They had way too many carry-ons between the two of them and they were so confused by the fact that they had to remove their shoes, jewelry, sweaters and empty their pockets. Then the TSA agent asked them if they had a computer, which they did, but they couldn't remember which bag it was in. So they opened them all and held up the line. They found the laptop, put it in a bin and rezipped their bags. Then the went through the body scanner and had difficulty assuming the position which is clearly illustrated, so I'm not sure what the problem was.

The best part of the entire situation, was getting through the body scanner and then reclaiming your items. I hear one of the TSA agents say to the other "Is this a joke, whose bag is this?" and I looked around and saw my stuff on the conveyor belt so I knew it wasn't me. It turns out the couple in front of me had an entire carry on bag full of liquids. A jar of mayonnaise, multiple perfumes, ice teas, waters, full size bottles of shampoos and body washes; all items that you cannot carry-on a plane. The look of utter confusion on their faces when the TSA agent tried to explain it to them was priceless. They wanted their mayonnaise, but the TSA agent kept telling them to "check it or chuck it."

I may have spent a few extra minutes putting my shoes and belt back on because I needed to witness this. I couldn't turn away. 

Now that I made it to Florida, (I have another exciting travel story, but I'm saving that one) I am looking forward to fresh seafood. I want some scallops, blackened fish, oysters, and shrimp. I think I may have to indulge and treat myself to all of the above in the next few days :)

Happy Friday! (That starts with F too!)

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  1. That story is just hilarious! Fighting to keep a jar of mayo. Really?! One time we were returning from the Netherlands and we had to send a pair of little cheese knives separately. And when we were returning to NYC from Russia, they confiscated some caviar from my hubby's bag, saying that it was the illegal kind, from an endangered species of whale. Who knew? We felt pretty bad about that. I'm over fom A to Z, if you want to stop by and say hi. I'm #639 today. Cheers, Catherine