Apr 23, 2012

R, S, & T are letters


R is for relax. 

That's what I did this weekend, hence the skipping of multiple blog posts. I babysat Friday night and then I spent many hours on Saturday with some pretty cool friends checking out a beer garden in Astoria. Sunday was rainy, grey, and full of nothing. I napped, I read, I caught up on blog posts. Perfection.

S is for my sister, Samantha.

She totally deserves her own post, but I forgot to post on Saturday so now she has to share with other letters.

My sister and I have a relationship that is so different than most sisters. She is the person I call when I just need to chat, she is the girl that I can have cleaning dance parties with, she is the person I can skype with sans makeup, she is the person I can fight with and then laugh with within five seconds of each other. She is funny, smart, messy, and a fan of bad TV. She tends to follow in my footsteps, but does it in her own way. The past year put a whole new dynamic on our relationship, but I think it made us appreciate each other even more.

I did write an entire post about her on her past birthday, so you can check that out for more cheesy info.

T is for time.

Time is a fickle friend. On days you feel rushed, the clock doesn't stop but on days that are slow, it feels like the second hand is moving in reverse. I am sure that everyone has these moments.

I am constantly finding myself shocked at how fast time has flown by. I'm 3 years away from my 10 year class reunion. 3 years - it's unbelievable and it makes me sound so much older than I feel. I feel like I just graduated, then I went to a little thing college and then grad school and then I moved to New York. I somehow don't remember those events feeling like they took 7 years.

This Summer will also be my 25th birthday and for the first time I realize that I am actually a grown-up; closer to thirty than twenty. I cannot complain though. I am loving 24, I am loving life after college, I am loving so many things right now that I want time to slow down so I can remember more of it. This blog is serving that purpose; a constant diary of the things accomplished and thoughts had. 


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