Apr 9, 2012

H is for Happy Endings and Ham.

Day number 8 in the A to Z challenge and we have landed on the letter H. I think H may be my least favorite letter, it has no significance for me and I had a really difficult time coming up with a topic for today.

I chose happy endings because last week was the series finale of One Tree Hill. Yes I know I am 24, but I have watched One Tree Hill for 9 years and I never missed an episode. I am happy to see it end and have a finished story instead of just being cut at the end of a random season. I liked all of the flashbacks to past characters, the circle stories that came back around, and the fact that Jamie Scott decided to play basketball. I wish Peyton and Lucas had made an appearance, but the show couldn't make miracles happen. Overall, I think they did a great job at wrapping up loose ends, telling the fans how the story ends, and I only cried a few times.

Side Note: On my Wednesday night flight from Charlotte to Daytona Beach, Richard Burgi was on the plane. I recognized him from his recent role on One Tree Hill as Brooke's Dad, but he has also been on Desperate Housewifes and many other shows. I chatted with him briefly as we walked from the plane to the baggage area and he was very nice. I would have asked for a picture, but my phone had died. How weird is it that I hardly ever see anyone when I am in New York, but on a rinky dink little flight from NC to FL, I recognize an actor?

There is no easy way to transition from chance celebrity sightings to ham, so let's just keep moving. My Easter was pretty low key. I dyed eggs, made potato salad, painted my nails purple, and ate some delicious ham. My sister and I had some friends over and we watched youtube videos, laughed about random memories, and had a perfect Easter sunday.

I can't believe how fast this week is flying by. It will be time to go home before I even have time to enjoy the vacation.

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