Apr 5, 2012

E is for Every little thing is gonna be OK.

Its Day number 5 and I am finally in Florida, so everything is A-OK!


It's OK...

that I have the best blog post about my trip through the airport yesterday, but I'm saving it for later this week.

that I made it to Florid and have not yet sweat to death.

that I miss my cat Gracie.

that I don't miss work!

that I re-watched the notebook while getting a pedicure. It was magic. 

that I went to Denny's for breakfast because we don't have them in the city.

that this picture explains my day: 

it's OK that this post is much later than usual because my internet connection is wonky.

that I just used the word wonky. I'm 65. 

that I am having a great start to my vacation and I wish the best weekend :)


  1. I'll be in Florida in a few days. I can't wait. It will be my first time and really all I want to do is be on the beach and that's about it. Have a great weekend.

    little piece of aloha

  2. I just came across you from A to Z. That sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy Florida!

    xoxo Lloralye @ Adorning Schemes A to Z