Apr 18, 2012

P is for Pinterest

I think it's fate that the letter P fell on a Wednesday :) I can share my current favorite website and my favorite link up on the same day!

I love Pinterest because it let's me forget the world around me and just be creative for the couple minutes hours I spend pinning new ideas each week.

For example:

Source: bit.ly via Ken on Pinterest

A cake that is beautiful. I have no reason to need a cake like this, but I pinned it because it makes me happy and if I ever do need a fancy cake, I will have it on my pinboards to remind of the things I like.

Source: thinknice.com via Laura on Pinterest

My quote pin board is extensive and I love finding new ways to express feelings. Sometimes the quotes are exactly the way I think or feel and it makes me happy. If I am having a rough day, I like to sign into Pinterest and read some of my quotes because they remind of the type of person I am.

Creative ideas that can make my apartment more personal and fun for an inexpensive price!

Recipes are another one of my favorite things to pin. I get so many ideas and have fun replicating the recipes :)

Source: polyvore.com via Laura on Pinterest

Style inspiration is another reason I love Pinterest! I love to see the combinations that people put together!

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  1. oh indeed! Pinterest is definitely a way to spend some quality time ignoring housework!


    Lisa, Random Ramblings