Nov 9, 2011

Blogger hates me...

So I have tried to publish a post for the last 24 hours and Blogger refuses to publish the post. I am not sure why it hates me. Thus I will not be sharing the awesome Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday post that I spent over an hour creating yesterday, I will instead share this fun picture of the Empire State Building I took when I left work tonight.

It is lit up Purple, Yellow, and Blue for Only Make Believe, an organization that provides interactive theatrical performances conducted by a team of three professional actors, once a week for six weeks, free-of-charge to hospitals and other medical institutions.

Here is a picture I took yesterday at 4:32PM. Do you see that setting sun? Not normal for me. I will need at least a few weeks until I get used to leaving work in darkness.

In other news, today is a fabulous Wednesday and I am currently taking a mini 5 minute break from writing my novel to post this because I refuse to let blogger ruin Nablopomo for me.

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  1. Blogger hates me too, but only when it comes to pictures. It seems to want to rotate all the pictures I insert. Frustrating! It has been weird for me leaving in the dark as well, but we'll get used to it :)