Nov 12, 2011

Visit #2

My friends are kinda freaking amazing. I have two awesome friends visiting this weekend that have never been to New York City! We discussed and discussed and came up with a massive list of things they want to do, see, and eat. I do not know how we will accomplish it all, but we shall.

Here is what our weekend looks like:

The Highline

Times Square

Fashion Avenue

Empire State Building

Rockefeller Plaza

Madison Square Garden

Flatiron Building
China Town/Little Italy

World Trade Center

Staten Island Ferry (Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island)

Battery Park

Wall Street

Prospect Park

Walk back over into Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge

Ice skating @ Bryant Park


Central Park

Columbus Circle

Go to Serendipity

Museum of Natural History

Comedy Show
Anything we don’t get to or want to do

I am going to be exhausted on Monday, but it will be worth it if they love New York!

1 comment:

  1. Lucky!! So, so lucky!! :-) I love New York City. Have a wonder-filled time. :-)