Nov 20, 2011

I'm the girl

I'm the girl...

that loves to talk on the phone for hours. I like to text too, but much prefer talking on the phone.

that has a really strange addiction to coffeehouse music.

that could watch TV for hours and hours, but could also live without cable.

that bites my nails.

that would jump on a plane and help you if you needed me.

that has no reason for hating Twilight, but continues to do so.

that lives a very independent life. I like it that way. 

that could wear jeans and a cardigan everyday for the rest of my life.

that prefers glasses to contacts.

that has a fear of failing.

that doesn't dance in public.

that has a love-hate relationship with my e-reader. It is convenient, but it is not the same as a book.

that likes to ride the subway, but also wishes she could ride it alone because it would be so much faster.

that wants blue cheese dressing to dip almost anything in.

that has a love-love relationship with ice cream.

that talks to her family more than once a day.


  1. Good idea, right? :-) I also have an addiction to coffee house music, and prefer glasses over contacts! As for ice cream... both my beloved, and my nemesis. I have a great respect for ice cream. ;-)

  2. i love cardigans! i have a whole closet full! also i hate twilight...never read the books or saw a movie but for some reason i just hate it. probably because i am loyal to harry potter :)

  3. I also have no reason for hating Twilight either. . .well, no real reason. I just hate overly-hyped things and teen dramatics. Twilight falls into both of these categories.