Nov 10, 2011

It's OK Thursday

It's OK...
To be typing this from your phone this morning because you were too tired to get it prepared last night. Thus not being able to attach the linkup picture, but I will tonight when I get home :)
That tomorrow is when two of my best friends come to visit me and in already exhausted thinking about the weekend.
To really enjoy that tomorrow's date is 11/11/11.
That I'm on track for Nanowrimo, but not ahead for this weekend. You win some, you lose some. I'll catch up.
To apply lip balm 99,999 times a day to prevent that awful chapped looped look.
To have booked my ticket to DC for Thanksgiving, but feel a little guilty that I'm not going home.
To wander if the nice person sitting beside me had a heating problem because their headphones are blaring and its only 7:50.
To miss reading. Its been 10 days since I have picked up a book, nanowrimo consumes my life this month.
That I lost count and have no idea how many things I have added to this list, so I'm just going to publish this now.
Have a terrificly tubular Thursday!

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