Nov 15, 2011

Commuting, Complaining, and Compliments


I woke up this morning to a beam of sunlight coming through my window that immediately told me that I had overslept. My alarm clock read 7:29 which is the time I am usually waiting at the bus stop. I got up, got ready as quickly as I could, and ran out of the apartment. I decided to take the subway to work this morning because it is much faster than the bus. (I know I should take it eery morning, but I have been taking the bus in preparation for the cold Winter mornings when I don't want to walk 8 extra blocks.) get to work I have to take the express train downtown three stops and then transfer to the local train and it take it one stop. Easier said than done this morning. I got on the express train and headed downtown. I got off at the transfer point and could see the local train sitting at the station. I got very excited that the timing had worked perfectly. The doors opened and I raced across the station, scooted onto the local train and waited for the words "Stand Clear for the closing doors" but they never came. I stood their, listening to the sweet tunes on my Ipod, and watched as the express train shut it's doors and left the station. Then I heard the words that changed my morning, "This train has been delayed due to a problem at the Columbus Circle Station. No 1 trains are currently moving downtown. " I waited for about 5 minutes as two more express trains came and passed the station.

At this point, I decided to jump on the next express train and ride it downtown an extra stop and then take a local train uptown. The plan was successful and I made it to work right on time! Even after waking up 30 minutes late and dealing with a train delay, I got to work before the bell rang! Amazing!


I am exhausted. After the fun filled weekend with friends, pictures and post still to come, I have not caught up on my sleep. I have also slacked majorly on my NaNoWriMo. Today is the halfway mark and I am a few thousand words behind schedule, but I am planning on catching up this weekend because I have no plans. I am fully aware that it is going to take some major concentration and effort to catch up and still finish on time. That thought in itself is exhausting. Everyday that I don't type, the number of words I fall behind grows, and my exhaustion grows. I need to just suck it up and up my word count. 


I have been so fortunate to have a great group of friends and family members who have been supporting me throughout my entire move to New York and especially during the past few weeks that I have been writing the novel. I have received heartfelt emails, facebook messages, text messages, and even a handmade card. I am so grateful for the kind words, the effort, and the support. I am truly humbled by the amount of love that people have sent my way and it is the number one reason that I will finish this challenge by the 30th.

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