Jan 19, 2012

It's OK Thursdays!


It's OK...

that I am still talking about that IKEA trip from Monday.

to know that this is the city I am supposed to be in.

that I broke my no spending money rule today.

to love the cold weather, but also not have any idea how to appropriately dress and not be TOO hot or TOO cold.

that New York City has not had a blizzard yet, but I would like 1 sometime this winter.

to hate wearing socks because my feet miss flip-flops.

to eat some chocolate every once in a while. (I mean daily)

to love 90's music and still know all the lyrics.

that rushing Broadway tickets to see Darren Criss didn't work out on Tuesday. It wasn't meant to be.

to be sad that football is basically over, and now I have to listen to people talk about basketball.

to be exhausted. Every freaking day.


  1. shh i love broadyway shows and don't worry about being exhausted every day - you and i are def one in the same right now ha.

  2. I miss flip flops so much! I am no fan of basketball so I sympathize!

  3. Love Ikea & LOVE flip flops, I ventured out in the icy/snowy/rainy night last night in flops, a little cold but nice!

  4. FLIP FLOPS, so much love and longing.

    And WATCH YOUR MOUTH about that blizzard in NYC.