Jan 11, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!


It's Wednesday and I am thrille to bring you another Oh, How Pinteresting Link-up!

This week I took to the boards and found some pretty fabulous home organization ideas! I live in a tiny tiny bedroom and my sister lives in Florida in a tiny tiny apartment, so I did some research for a few ways to help a sister out :)

Scarf Hanger!

I really love the way this person used shower curtain hooks with a regular hanger to create a cheap and easy scarf or belt hanger! It will give me a little bit of extra space to hang my jackets on my door hooks!

Hanging up the Cleaners!

This seems like such a simple idea and that could be the reason I love it. Getting those cleaners off the bottom of the cabinet gives you some much needed extra space for other things. An easy and cheap tension rod might be my new best friend :)

Bathroom Odds and Ends!

Where has this idea been all my life??? Loose bobby pins...nail clippers...tweezers. I am always loosing these small little items and these magnetic strips are SO. FREAKING. EASY! I am seriously putting this up this weekend, it is also my new best friend.

Pots and Pans!

A magazine rack doubling as a lid holder...genius. How many times have you been fumbling around a cabinet looking for a lid that fits the pot on the stove and you can't find it because there are other pots jumbled around? Only me? OK then. I love this idea! 

I am thrilled with these few quick and easy ideas! They won't save me a ton of space, but every little inch counts :)

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  1. Great organizing pins......I am always trying to find more ways to stay/get organized:)

    Happy Wednesday ♥