Jan 4, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!


I am excited to jump back into this link-up after a few weeks off. This year I am trying to be a little bit more crafty and I have been really interested in making my own stationary, so I took to Pinterest this week and these are a few inspiring pins I made!

I am in total love with the idea of embroidering my own cards. It seems super easy and the look is classy and clean! I think this is on my to do list this month :)

I figured that if I was going to take the time to make my own cards, I should make my own envelopes too and I love the ide of using a map or something else similar that makes the stationary personal. 

Not that I am in the market for bridesmaids, but I love the way this person used a wax pencil to deflect the water color paint. I think it is a great idea for invitations or birthday cards!

Vegetable stamps bring me back to elementary school, but I think it is so perfect for a cheap a quick way to spruce up a letter to a friend. It looks like it could also be a great excuse to buy that cabbage that you have been eyeing at the supermarket but weren't sure how to cook it.

This is by far the easiest and most adorable way to make your own stationary. Lace doilies are back in action my friends :)

Last but not least is a simple line drawing with a a pop of color. It looks like a sharpie to outline the leaves and maybe a colored pencil to shade in the few leaves?

Overall, I was so impressed by the ideas I found on Pinterest, that I want to try them all. I love the creativity, the multiple methods, and most of all the simplicity of the styles.  I think that my friends should start expecting a letter from moi in the next few weeks :)


  1. So much fun. If I had any crafting ability at allll I'd be all over these! I just know it will result in failure though ahah

  2. I love the make your own envelope idea! And they are SO pretty!

  3. Fun ideas! :D I really love the map envelopes. I am so into maps these days.