Jan 16, 2012

Sometimes & Always


Sometimes I stay up way too late.
Always I regret it when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Sometimes I buy a fresh loaf of bread.
Always  it sits on my counter with a few slices eaten until I throw it away.

Sometimes I paint my own nails.
Always I wish I was better at making it smooth and glossy.

Sometimes I drink water from the tap.
Always I prefer it over bottled water because it's free.

Sometimes I get grumpy and don't want to talk to anyone.
Always I am really glad they called.

Sometimes I take the bus instead of the subway.
Always I know it takes twice as long and I have a smaller chance of getting a seat. 

Sometimes I cook elaborate dinners for myself.
Always I regret the dishes afterwards.

Sometimes I turn my music up loud and has a jam session.
Always I get annoyed when the neighbor does this.

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