Jan 2, 2012

December/ January Bucket List

So I had a few things on my bucket list last month and for the third month in a row I checked off everything on the list! Here was December:

1. Visit and take pictures of 25 different holiday decorations!

That took the entire month to get finished, but it was really fun exploring new places and seeing the city all dressed up for the holidays!

2. Make Christmas Cookies - I am going to say I did this, but I really only made chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodle cookies. It was the lamest attempt at Christmas cookies I have ever seen, but the cookies were delicious.

3. Go back to Central Park and take a picture of the trees without leaves

It's sad to see the piles of leaves on the ground, but the day I went to Central Park was beautiful and I love the sky shining through the bare branches. 

4. Send out Christmas cards- Check! I send out real Christmas cards with stamps and everything. I also sent a few video cards and e-cards.

5. Go back to Florida for the first time in 5 months - This happened. It was a vacation that ended with the loss of a loved one. Not the best emotions for a relaxing vacation or Christmas break. I am hoping to make it back to Florida within the next few months and I plan on re-doing all those fun things that were postponed this trip.

6. Do something for New Year's Eve. - After getting back to New York, I wasn't sure that I was really in the mood to go out and party away the end of 2011, but I did. I went out with some friends and it was exactly what I needed to help me get into the spirit of the new year. 

Now on to January! 

This month feels like it is going to be awesome! I m hoping to do a few fun things this month. 
1. Go and see Darren Criss in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - He is taking on the lead role since yesterday was Daniel Radcliffe's last performance and he is only starring form January 3rd - 23rd. I am hoping to get tickets sometime this month!

2. Go on an interactive public art walk!

3. Go to Maison Laduree fora macaron. I just have to pick a flavor first and it is initial research for my 2012 Bucket List goal to cook my own macarons.

4. Edit my novel for at least 5 hours.  

5. Send out 2 snail mail letters to friends or family.

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  1. You took some awesome pictures, and certainly had a very busy Christmas season! (Aren't you glad it's over? lol)

    Good luck on your monthly goals, and Happy 2012!