Jan 29, 2012

What I Did Today: Art Walk Edition


The weather here in NYC has been nothing short of amazing this weekend. We had beautiful sunny clear blue skies and the temperature hovered around the low 40's for both Saturday and Sunday. This type of weather is unusually hot for late January, but it is perfect for doing things outdoors.

The first thing I did yesterday was head down to battery park to partake in an interactive public art walk with my friend. It was pretty cool to interact with some of the art sculptures. The first thing we did was hard to find, but once we located in on the ground it was fun. The art piece was made up of 9 squares that you could step on. Each square played a different note and it was similar to playing a piano with your feet. Check out the video below:

It was a pretty random piece of art, but fun. I wonder how many people have accidentally walked across it and been scared when it rang out.

 Next, my friend and I headed towards another set of art sculptures that looked like giant musical instruments. We weren't sure what was "interactive" about these art pieces so we just took a picture and moved on.

The next art piece was really interesting because it was a weird stone table and chairs right on the waterfront. The next best thing about the stone table is that there were checker boards inlaid in the stone. My friend and I decided to take a seat and play a quick round of checkers using the coins in our bags. I lost. :(

 As we were leaving battery park and heading back uptown the sun began to set and I got a spectacular view of Lady Liberty.

 By spectacular, I mean I could see her and it was pretty. 

 On Sunday I went and visited Laduree. If you have never heard of them, then you are missing out. Laduree is a macaron store that is based in Paris and it's only store stateside is in New York City on the Upper East Side. For the past few months, these little tiny confections have been the talk of the town and the line has been known to be over 2 hours long during the weekend. My friend and I have been talking about sucking it up and waiting in line to taste them and we finally did! The line was long, but we lucked out and only had to wait about 30 minutes. There were so many flavors that I had a hard time narrowing down my selections and I ultimately chose 4 macarons. Raspberry, Lemon, Salted Carmel, and Rose.

 These tiny little treats are so amazing! Since I wanted to make the most of my trip, i only ate two of the macarons tonight and I saved two for tomorrow. The rose macaron was exactly what I wanted and the rose cream in the middle tastes like a rose flower smells. Very light and delicious. I also ate the raspberry macaron tonight. It too was very light, but the inside was a fresh raspberry jam that burst with flavor during each bite. I am in heaven and very excited to try the lemon and slated carmel tomorrow! Be jealous, I would.


  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing day!! I would love that :) The musical art is really cool, and those macarons look delicious!

    1. It was a pretty awesome day and I am counting down the days until it is acceptable to go back to the macaroon store.

  2. Well I will be going to Laduree to get some birthday macarons tomorrow! Totally within walking distance of my job.

    I'm glad to see you take advantage of things that are all around in NYC. I sure don't.

    1. Happy Birthday! Laduree is the perfect birthday treat!