Jan 24, 2012

You've ALWAYS got a friend in me.

I know that given any situation, I have a person (or persons) that I can count on.

If I need to chat for well over an hour on the telephone about nothing, I can call you.

If I need to share information that I am privy to so that we both can laugh, I can send you a text message.

If I need to share a hilarious google search that made me laugh, you will laugh too. 

If I need someone to  pick me up at the airport at an upsurd time, you will offer.

If I tell you a secret, you keep it.

If I go crazy, forget everything I know, and need to go to the ER, you will drive me. 

If I need to cry, you listen. 

If I need someone to bring a blender to a hotel so we can make margaritas, you will.

If I am having a bad day, you remind of an inside joke.

If I need an opinion about an outfit, I can skype you.

If I need to vent, you are there.

and even if we go hours, days, weeks, or months without talking - I know that the second we chat again it is like no time has past - and that is my favorite part about it all.

This post is not just for one friend. This post is to all of my friends that have helped me become the person I am in the last 24 years. I am so happy that I have more than a handful of true friends that I can call on when I need to.

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  1. When a person is willing to bring a blender to a hotel so you can make margaritas...now THAT's a friendship for the ages! :D