Jan 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday!


Another week and another round of things that I am trying to justify....

It's OK...

to have a new found love of grilled cheese.

that I still haven't mastered the art of going to sleep early when I have to wake up early.

to be contemplating a 16 hour bus ride from NY to FL because it is $600.00 cheaper than flying home for Winter Break.

to love the new art work I put up on my wall because it cost me nothing except the picture frames.

to be stoked about my trip to DC in a week because I get to see an awesome friend AND my sister. What to pack, what to pack?

that I just used the word stoked.

that I wore my snow boots for 1 day and then I had to pack them back away in the closet.

to really hate when the person in front of you at the metrocard machine doesn't know what they are doing and they cause you to miss the train.

to read a book on the subway, but it is not OK if it causes you to knock into people because you are unbalanced. (I'm talking to you woman with the leopard print hat!)

to love trivia night because every once in awhile you know the answer to a question no one else on your team does!

to be obsessed with all of the TV shows on right now. (Revenge...OMG, so good!) I can't even keep track of which night which shows come on anymore...

to not be rooting for either team in the Superbowl. I'll be sporting orange and blue, just so people don't get confused. 


  1. LOL, I don't really have a Superbowl favorite this year either. I just started watching Revenge. I spent lots of time on hulu.com getting caught up. Great show!

  2. love your list! i have a new found love of grilled cheese, too! ive had one for lunch several times this week :)

  3. Love it! I've definitely fallen while reading on the subway before though.

    The people who can't work their damn metrocards get me every time! I mean I understand that you have to swipe one or two extra times for whatever reason, but I got stuck behind this mid-elderly woman who was swiping her card SUPER fast, over and over, like she had never ridden the damn train before. She was still there when I re-routed to another turnstyle.

    Where do you play trivia? I remember in college I won my team $75 because I knew what a Newton's Cradle was!

  4. I eat grilled cheese probably three times a week. it's an addiction. LOVE IT.

  5. Nothing bad about love for the grilled cheese sandwich! Nothing at all :)

    And I agree Revenge is SO good. But I think this past week was a repeat and I was not happy.

  6. I also have a bad time going to sleep early when I have to wake up early. It's a nightly problem. And you should probably just take the bus. Think of it this way: you'll be saving like $38 an hour on that bus ride! That's a savings you can be stoked about.

    1. I never even thought about it that way...it makes even more sense to take the bus now.