Jan 17, 2012

What I Did Today: Monday Shopping Edition!

I am really excited because last weekend I had a three day weekend (Thank you very much, Mr. King) and my friends and I made a trip to one of my favoritest places on earth! 


I absolutely love IKEA because you can walk around the showroom and fantasize about the awesome decor that you don't have in your own apartment. Then you can go downstairs and buy stuff that is cheap :)
The downside to visiting IKEA in Brooklyn is that none of my friends own cars, so we had to rent a car for the day in order to get to IKEA and then get the goods back to our apartments. It was so worth the money though, because the four of us went a little crazy and it would have cost WAY MORE to have the store deliver the stuff to our apartments. 

When I say we went crazy...I mean it. We bought multiple sets of bedroom furniture, lots of random home decor, and a plenty of stuff we probably didn't need. After a long checkout, we got to the parking garage and it turns out that a lot of furniture and four people take up every inch of space in an SUV.  

We were slightly packed inside the car, but luckily we got everything and everyone in one trip! We traveled the city and dropped off the newly acquired purchases at our apartments.  Here are a few shots I took from the front seat :)

Another unfortunate thing about IKEA is that all furniture requires assembly. This would be totally cool if I had four arms, but I don't and I was too anxious to wait for a friend to help me. The first thing I assembled was a sweet bookshelf. It was super easy and it got my adrenaline running and my furniture assembly confidence was sky high!

I then spent two hours assembling my new bed frame. There may have been some swearing, but now my mattress is no longer on the floor. I'm moving on up! (No pictures yet because my bed is not made and I like to keep it classy.) I figured since I was taking pictures around my room, I would show you my jewelry display which was super cheap, but makes me very happy. I put 8 hooks, in no particular order, next to my mirror and they keep my jewelry organized and out of the way in my super tiny bathroom!

 I also bought a dresser, but after the bed fiasco I decided to leave it unassembled until a day when I have more energy and less frustration. It currently is sitting in my room like this:

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  1. Isn't it awesome to assemble furniture? Over my school's break I put together a bookcase and a new computer desk with a hutch attached to it. I felt like such a boss when it was done. There is an IKEA about an hour from my home, but I've only been there once. It looks like you had a great trip and you were very productive!