Feb 14, 2012

All that is pink & red

I would like to thank the person who created Valentine's Day. It serves as another excuse for stores to stock their shelves with ridiculously shaped candy, for restaurants to charge high prices for mediocre meals, and for children all over the country to exchange small cards with pun-tastic messages.

I am not a hater, I just don't understand why it is such a big deal to people. Shouldn't everyday be the day you show how much you love your significant other? Why does a bleak and grey day in February get all the credit?

Now excuse me while I go and pick out my red and pink clothes because I don't want to be the only teacher not participating in the holiday cheer.


  1. I feel ya. Now, St Patty's Day? That's a day to celebrate. :)

  2. If you're living life the right way, every day should be Valentine's Day! :D