Feb 7, 2012

What I Did this Weekend: DC Part 2

I left on  in my last post with Friday evening. My friends and I drank, had delicious dinner, and there may have been some awkward people watching and shushing happening. It was quite spectacular and according to my facebook, I thought so when I went to bed. 


On Saturday, my friend Sarah and I woke up, ate breakfast at a local diner, and then saw some sights. 

I've seen the White House plenty of times, but I still love snapping a few pictures. We also walked to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and  I was pretty impressed. I loved the way the memorial is designed and the walls surrounding this statue are filled with his words. 

The day itself was pretty lousy. The sky was grey and gloomy and it seemed that rain was bound to happen all morning. Thankfully it held off until we got back to the hotel and no one got rained on. Sarah left in the afternoon and I lounged around the hotel. Saturday night, my sister and I went to dinner with great friends and then I took a night time tour of the White House. This time was not so picturesque because my firends and I were harassed by some protesters who tried to convince us that taking a picture of the White House supports the killing of innocent lives. We were not really interested in this one man's opinion, and we kindly asked him to leave us alone, but he got in our face and continued to tell us about our sins. In the end, we had to call over a few members of the DCPD and they helped us get away from the protestor. My friend summed it up much better than I just did:

After night touring, we went to a bar where I decided that I will somehow become an intern this Summer (long story and this recap is already too long...another day.)

On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to wake up and join my sister at one of her workshops. I got to listen to one of my favorite speakers in the field of education and it reminded how much I miss being a part of the teachers union and how ready I am for a full time teaching job, so I can rejoin.

We had a few hours to kill and my sister, some friends, and I went sightseeing some more. We started at Ford's Theater, but it was closed so I only got a few pictures of the outside.

Our group made our way to the subway and then we ate lunch. After a delicious Italian meal, we went to the National Postal Museum, which sounds lame, but I'm a sucker for interesting facts and this museum was full of them.  

 Lastly, we spent about an hour in the National American History Museum, which is a favorite of mine before we headed back to the hotel and said our goodbyes. It was quite an awesome weekend with my sister and good friends. The bus trip back uneventful. I had two seats to myself (lucky) but the wifi was so jammed that it stopped working (unlucky). The crowd on the bus did get excited when the Giants won the Superbowl, so that was an interesting moment of bus bonding, but I had to miss the game so I was semi-grumpy.

I am anxiously waiting to plan for the next trip to somewhere, I just have to save some money, find a place, decide who to bring, and pick a time. No problem. 

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