Feb 27, 2012

A whirlwind week

This past week was amazing.

I slept in every morning.

The weather was nice, not nearly cold enough for February, but nice.

I got to hang out with a lot of my friends.

I learned a lot about people.

I slept in every morning.

I read 4 different books.

I went to a museum.

I cooked delicious food because I had time. (Speaking of which...I have been cooking more than one new recipe a week , but my phone does not take great pictures so I haven't been sharing. Once I replace my digital camera, I will share recipes again!)

I caught up on all the TV I had missed the past few weeks.

I slept in every morning.

I bought a new bag to replace the backpack that was stolen from me.

I almost won in trivia this week. My team came in second by 1 point.

I attended Laura night at a local bar where I got to drink for free all night. It was awesome.

I might have decided to give up meat for Lent. So far so good. Veggies are my nest friend.

I slept in every morning.

I drank a lot of coffee. and tea. and ginger ale.

I spent like 1200 hours on Pinterest.

I took naps.

I made some guacamole that changed my life.

I pretty much did nothing worth blogging about, but I felt guilty for not blogging, so I decided to rub in my relaxation. Sorry.

Not really.  I am actually looking forward to my next break which begins April 5th. It's just one of the perks of being a teacher and I love it.


  1. Hey did you get to sleep in at all last week? lol lol.... Enjoyed reading your post! Sounds like a GREAT week to me too!

  2. Man, that sounds like an awesome week. I'm glad you had that time to catch up on life, rest, and relax! And wait a second...the bar had a Laura night? Like, all Lauras drink for free? New York City does not mess around.


  3. You deserve such a great week. I love sleeping in! And naps!