Feb 7, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

It's only Wednesday, but this week is dragging on. I am counting down until Saturday and a day of PJs. Unfortunatly I am still sick and my coughing has flared up again and I finally went back to the doctor. Bronchitis is what they tell me, but they also say that the main cause is the city. Apparantly, my lungs have become ultra sensitive to cold weather since they are so used to the tropics of Florida. I may have to use an inhaler long term, if the medicine they prescribed doesn't fix everything during this round. 

In other news it's Pinteresting Wednesday and I am warning you that it is super girly. SO feel free to skip it if you aren't into clothes, makeup, and hair. No hard feelings. 

I would really love to amp up my hairstyling techniques. My hair has gotten so long in the past few months and I would be excited if it wasn't down and straight everyday.I'm thinking numbers 2 and 6 are first up.

I love the idea of turning my nail polish matte for certain occasions. I've never heard about this before.

I need a pair of these. When Toms first blew up and became popular, I wasn't sure that I liked them, but they have grown on me and everyone says they are comfortable for walking. Major plus!

Again with the hair ideas. I love love love how thick the braid is on the middle left, but alas my thin hair could never do that.

Source: tumblr.com via Laura on Pinterest

Guilty. Totally guilty.


  1. I love Matte About You! Makes all your old nail polish feel new again :D I miss long hair when I see fun styling ..then I remember how I suck at styling hair aha

    1. I suck too! I wish I had those skills :)

  2. wow those hair styles are all amazing. very impressive. and totally excited about that matte nail polish. I've been wanting to do a matte finish for forever!!

    Happy Wednesday!