Feb 23, 2012

It's OK Thursday


It's OK...

to love that the scarves at Old Navy were on clearance for $1.97 and I bought 2 :)

that it will be 60 degrees in New York tomorrow. I was mistaken when I thought I moved to a place that had a Winter.

that my trivia team came in second place tonight by 1 point.

to wear mis-matched socks when the pair is missing.

to read a novel in three days and then be sad when it's over.

to give up meat for Lent. 1 day down...39 to go.

that I am not really Catholic, but I like the idea of Lent and therefore I join in.

to be afraid to leave my laptop in my apartment thus forcing me to carry it at all times.

to have a day when you wonder why you even tried.

to feel excited about feeling like a part of a group again.

to not love soy milk.

that I have told everyone that I am coming home to Florida over Spring Break, but I haven't booked my ticket yet.

that this week flew by even faster than I expected it to. I kinda love having everyday off.


  1. I love old navey and wear mis matched socks all the time! My kids laugh and laugh at me but I don't care! lol. Great blog

  2. What else are you supposed to do with the socks? My military hubs thinks I am crazy, but he is a bit more "organized" than I am! I am still trying to figure out what I am giving up for my fake Lent since I am not Catholic either!