Feb 1, 2012

Another week...another recipe


I have had a really good time cooking all of the recipes for the past few weeks, but during those few weeks I have found even more recipes that I want to make. So from now on, I may be making a few switches from my original list of 52 recipes because it's my blog and my kitchen and I want to. Last week, I made a recipe that I had never heard of before, Stuffed Pepper Soup. I am a big stuffed pepper fan and a big soup fan so I figured marrying the two together could not be bad. 

I was correct. The soup was not bad. The soup however did not really remind me of stuffed peppers. Regardless of the misleading name, I would make the soup again because it was easy, tasty, and made a giant portion that enabled me to eat for many meals.

Check out the original recipe at Skinny Taste.