Feb 16, 2012

It's OK Thursday!


It's OK...

to have delicious food that you bought grocery shopping but not have the time to cook such food.

that coffee has become a meal for me, almost everyday this week.

that my cat thinks I have abandoned her because I haven't been home AND awake in the past three days.

that everything I have written so far is about my busy schedule.

that I am glad that I have been busy because it has kept my mind off the creeper that robbed my apartment.

that my team lost at trivia tonight. I never fully expect to win, but I do enjoy trying.

that I don't follow much basketball, but I am in love with the puns they have created in New York for Jeremy Lin. Here is one I came up with tonight: To Linfinity and Beyond! I really hope that gets printed sometime soon.

that no stores in Manhattan seem to carry the boots that I want. or really just boots that fit and are acceptable.

that this little girl dancing on the subway made me smile on my way home last night. (Sorry for the sideways video!)

to not paint my nails for a few days.

that without my backpack, my purse is really heavy.

that I was not happy with Grammys. I fear that we have started to idolize people that should not be role models. (ahem...Chris Brown...ahem)

to have just found eye shadow primer and understand why it is so useful.

to pull my Erin Condren planner out in the middle of public places in hopes that someone asks me about it. I also pull it out to write stuff down, I'm not that full of myself.

to want a day of pampering...massage, haircut, pedicure included. A girl can dream.


  1. I *love* eye shadow primer! It's a miracle!

    I'm also not really happy with the Grammys. I enjoyed Paul McCartney's closing number. But Chris Brown... ugh.

    So sorry about your apartment! How scary!

    Hope you get some down time. I also want a day of pampering. My birthday is coming up, and if no one gives it to me, I'm just going to give it to myself :-)

    Have a good Thursday!

    1. I might just have to pamper myself. I think I hear the salon calling me right now....